Friday, July 30, 2010

'Mentor Kenosha and Racine' hosts 'Intro to Mentoring' on Aug. 26

Mentor Kenosha and Racine, an affiliated program of the Center for Community Partnerships at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside invites current and potential mentors to the workshop “An Introduction to Mentoring.” This two-hour program takes place in room 281 of Tallent Hall on the UW-Parkside campus, 900 Wood Rd. in Kenosha, Thursday, Aug. 26, beginning at 5:30 p.m.

“An Introduction to Mentoring” features Jonathan Pietkiewicz of the Kenosha Area Business Alliance who currently serves as a mentor. Pietkiewicz discusses his experiences in this role, what serving as a mentor has meant to him, and how this close interaction has impacted both himself and the person he is guiding.

All current, new, and potential mentors who want to get an insider’s view of mentoring are welcome to attend. Participants will learn the dos and don'ts of mentoring, the expectations involved in this commitment, and ways to build the mentoring relationship. Mentor Kenosha & Racine staff members will be on hand to answer questions.

“An Introduction to Mentoring” with Jonathan Pietkiewicz is free and open to everyone. Dinner is provided and those who plan to attend are asked to register to ensure a proper count for dinner.

To register, call Felicia Stallworth at (262) 595-2312 or access by email. For more information on Mentoring Kenosha & Racine, visit keyword mentorkr.

Monday, July 26, 2010

SOAR carnival will raise money for scholarships

SOAR is holding its first Back-to-School Carnival on Saturday, Aug. 28, and Sunday, Aug. 29, in the parking lot of Gateway Technical College on Pershing Park Drive.

SOAR – Scholarships, Opportunities & Access in Racine -- is creating a fun and educational time for families as they end the summer and start the school year. There will be carnival rides and games, food, an education and entertainment tent, a SOAR raffle, and a family information area, where families can sign up for dozens of programs and services that promote a good school year and healthy family life. Carnival hours will be 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Saturday, and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday. Raffle grand prize is  a two-night stay for a family of four at Grand Wolf Lodge in the Wisconsin Dells. Drawing is at 5 p.m. Sunday.

In its first year of operation SOAR supported 10 students in three schools and enrolled 10 private schools in the SOAR network to support more children from economically distressed families. SOAR has 90 children on its waiting list and has stopped taking applications while trying to raise enough support to place these children in one of the 10 SOAR schools. SOAR will launch a pilot counseling program in SOAR schools next year.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

'Ragtime' at Horlick High July 30 to Aug. 7

Racine Horlick High School students present the student edition regional premiere of "Ragtime," music and lyrics by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty and the Tony Award-winning book by Terrance McNally. 

This compelling musical of tragedy, change and love runs from July 30 – August 7 in the Joseph L. Mooney Theater of Racine’s Horlick High School, 2119 Rapids Dr., Racine. Performances are July 30, 31 and August 6, 7 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $8 for students and seniors and $10 for adults and can be ordered at the door or online by emailing (subject: Ragtime Tickets).

Ragtime focuses on the stories of three very different classes of people in early twentieth century America: a group of young Harlem musicians who are creating the music and world of ragtime; an affluent, white upper-middle class American housewife and a determined group of Eastern European immigrants looking for a new life of promise and change in New York.

Director Amber Lamers has taken a simplistic approach to the visual aspects of the production to highlight the story, its music and message, allowing the student’s talents to be the focal point.

“This is a true story based on the events that shaped the country we love. It’s important for the kids to do shows that are real. It helps them grow; it helps them know where they came from. It is a safe way for the students to work through social issues that still exist today,” states Lamers. “We have an excellent technical director, Katie Kowbel and have flown in our music director from New York, Stan Krifka. The combination of these talented students and directing staff make for a fantastic show.”

The cast features middle school and high school students from Racine and Kenosha.  Bryant Albritton Jr, who plays Coalhouse Walker Jr. states, “Ragtime shows all aspects of life. It has tragedy, change, love, etc. It is based on true events. History is on stage in front of you. People need to see this production because it challenges us as actors, but also challenges us as human beings.”


Music and lyrics by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty
Book by Terrance McNally, based on the novel by E.L. Doctorow

July 30 – August 7, 2010

Friday, July 30 at 7:30PM
Saturday, July 31 at 7:30PM
Friday, August 6 at 7:30PM
Saturday, August 7 at 7:30PM

Joseph L. Mooney Theater, Horlick High School,
2119 Rapids Dr.
Racine, WI  53404

Ticket Prices:
$8 students and seniors; $10 adults
Box Office:  262-619-4366
E-mail: (subject: Ragtime Tickets).

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

2010 Gateway graduates

Gateway Technical College graduated nearly 1,000 students from several Wisconsin and Illinois communities, with most of them living in the Gateway district of Racine, Kenosha and Walworth counties.

The official graduation list includes those who completed their course work and qualified for graduation December 2009 through August 2010. These individuals have earned associate degrees, which are generally two years of full-time study, and technical diplomas, which are approximately one-year of full-time study.

Antioch, Ill.
Todd L. Day, Marketing-General

Tammy S. DeFord, Practical Nursing

Charles I. Soper, Welding-Advanced Welding

Theresa M. Daniels, Graphic Communications; Jackie L. DuBois, Human Services Associate; Kesha L. Sims, Interpreter Technician

Jessica L. Connor, Graphic Communications; Jerri B. Dumas, Culinary Arts; Ronald W. Gillmore, Horticulture-Nursery and Landscaping; Joseph L. Kozak, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement; Laura R. Langford, Practical Nursing; Lisa A. Schultz, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement; Agnieszka M. Skoczylas, Practical Nursing; Jody L. Sullivan, Accounting; Courtney M. Wollert, IT - Web Developer/Administrator

Alyssa L. Andrekus, Nursing - Associate Degree; Cynthia M. Bauerle, Practical Nursing; Todd A. Benson, Welding-Advanced Welding; Chris T. Bostwick, Welding/Maintenance & Fabrication; Thomas Brummel, Welding-Advanced Welding; Lauren E. Burkman, Nursing - Associate Degree; Deanna J. Busch, Early Childhood Education; Terry A. Busse, IT-Network Specialist; Tanya Chiapusio, Nursing - Associate Degree; Heather M. Collins, Practical Nursing; Laura C. Cramer, Practical Nursing; Laura A. Crogan, Nursing - Associate Degree; Taryn L. Czarny, Nursing - Associate Degree; Lea M. David, Dental Assistant; Terisha J. Davis, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement; Robert N. Dedecker, Jr, IT-Network Specialist; Anthony L. Dremo, Automotive Technology; Michael D. Dunning, IT-Computer Support Specialist; James C. Gallup, Electronics; James C. Gallup, Biomedical Engineering Technology; James C. Gallup, Electrical Engineering Technology; Sergio E. Gonzalez, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement; Nora Hanesakda, Nursing - Associate Degree; George H. Haubert, Supervisory Management; Amanda K. Henson, Nursing - Associate Degree; Mary P. Holtz, Practical Nursing; Paul R. Jacobs, Accounting; Susan M. Kayser, Nursing - Associate Degree; Jennifer C. Kempken, Nursing - Associate Degree; Jackie R. Ketterhagen, Practical Nursing; Kimberly A. Koski, Practical Nursing; Kevin J. Kugler, Jr, Welding/Maintenance & Fabrication; Carrie D. Lois, Business Management; Krystal A. McKusker, Practical Nursing; Dan A. Mikal, Jr, Biomedical Engineering Technology; Ashley J. Miller, Nursing - Associate Degree; Brent E. Pearson, Welding-Advanced Welding; Jordan J. Rice, Civil Engineering Technology-Public Works; Jordan J. Rice, Civil Engineering Technology - Survey; Sheena M. Rich, Nursing - Associate Degree; Heather L. Russell, Practical Nursing; Ginger A. Saaski, Accounting; Ginger A. Saaski, Financial Planning; Rebecca L. Schmidt, Practical Nursing; Donna A. Swanson, Nursing - Associate Degree; Jennifer A. Thieme, Early Childhood Education; Barbara M. Thorn, Nursing - Associate Degree; Alison D. Trombley, Nursing - Associate Degree; Joshua A. Twardosz, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement; Kyle A. Wanat, Horticulture-Nursery and Landscaping; Teresa D. Watson, Practical Nursing; Nicole S. Weyrauch, Practical Nursing

Kerry L. Groff, Medical Assistant; Jonathan W. Helm, Biomedical Engineering Technology; Lynn M. Howe, Medical Assistant; Richard A. Kortendick, Facilities Maintenance; Desiree M. Lebon, Business Management; Desiree M. Lebon, Marketing-Business to Business; Michael T. Pfaff, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement

Erik J. Palmer, Welding/Maintenance & Fabrication; Krystal D. Schmidt, Nursing - Associate Degree; Matthew A. Trinko, IT-Network Specialist

Jade P. Gaber, IT-Network Specialist; Patrick M. Gary, Jr, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement; Jennifer D. Kummer, Accounting; Jennifer D. Kummer, Financial Planning; Rebecca L. Maruna, IT-Network Specialist; Bradley T. Miller, IT-Network Specialist; Joel K. Nelson, IT-Network Specialist; Jacqueline M. Odling, Practical Nursing; Rebecca D. Poglajen, Accounting; Xhevat J. Tahiri, Supervisory Management; Sean M. Theis, Nursing - Associate Degree; Brian J. Wilson, Automated Manufacturing Systems Technician

East Troy
Shaun M. Claussen, IT-Network Specialist; East Troy, Aleiha R. Grossman, Business Management; David S. Jacoby, Welding/Maintenance & Fabrication; Beth A. Marien, Nursing - Associate Degree; Ginamarie Martino, Nursing - Associate Degree; Charmaine A. Miller, Welding/Maintenance & Fabrication; Katherine S. Peterson, Practical Nursing; Ryan D. Stoflet, IT-Network Specialist

Donna M. Belanus, Administrative Professional; Brian G. Biefeld, Automated Manufacturing Systems Technician; Grant C. Boldt, Welding/Maintenance & Fabrication; Grant C. Boldt, Welding-Advanced Welding; Katie L. Brosel, Nursing - Associate Degree; Steven C. Conway, Welding/Maintenance & Fabrication; Steven C. Conway, Welding-Advanced Welding; Gilberto Espinoza-Gonzalez, IT-Computer Support Specialist; Danne Fell, Nursing - Associate Degree; Jennifer L. Gramly, Nursing - Associate Degree; Barbara L. Greene, Nursing - Associate Degree; Eric A. Haskins, IT-Computer Support Specialist; Deborah K. Herdt, Practical Nursing; Toni L. Irek, IT-Network Specialist; Lauren B. Jadrich, Accounting; Melissa S. Johnston, Nursing - Associate Degree; Katherine K. Kluck, Supervisory Management; Jessica F. Lonergan, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement; Jose M. Martinez, Automated Manufacturing Systems Technician; Jason M. Montez, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement; Terra M. Olsen, Nursing - Associate Degree; Nathan A. Palenshus, Welding/Maintenance & Fabrication; Nathan A. Palenshus, Welding-Advanced Welding; John K. Parr, Jr, Welding/Maintenance & Fabrication; Daniel J. Petitte, IT-Network Specialist; Rosemary K. Riley, Practical Nursing; Russell L. Saari, Mechanical Design Technology - Mech Engineering Tech; John H. Schrank, Welding/Maintenance & Fabrication; John H. Schrank, Welding-Robotics; Lorie A. Triplett, Accounting; Joseph W. Twing, Welding/Maintenance & Fabrication; Nicole L. Voisin, Practical Nursing; Timothy R. Whitmore, Accounting; Deanna M. Wisniewski, Nursing - Associate Degree; Jessica M. Wriedt, Supervisory Management

Rosannah E. Austin, Marketing-General; Sarah A. Willis, Administrative Professional

Fox Point
Christopher L. Sandoval, Paramedic Technician

Madeline L. Benoit, Horticulture-Nursery and Landscaping

Zach G. Kaminskis, Fire Protection Technician; Megan C. McCormick, Barber/Cosmetologist; Shawn S. McCormick, Welding/Maintenance & Fabrication; Shawn S. McCormick, Welding-Advanced Welding; Traci R. Meyer, Practical Nursing; Vincent G. Ricchio, Welding/Maintenance & Fabrication; Heather L. Schultz, Practical Nursing; Michelle L. Tweedt, Health Unit Coordinator

Aubrey A. Caryl,, Practical Nursing

Genoa City
Andrew J. Baldwin, Welding/Maintenance & Fabrication; Aimee C. Blood, Nursing - Associate Degree; Hermelinda Chavez, Nursing - Associate Degree; Eric M. Dennis, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement; Andrea N. Glover, Nursing - Associate Degree; Timothy S. Grochowske, Electromechanical Technology; Wendy M. Hull, IT-Programmer/Analyst; Mary L. Keenan, Dental Assistant; Kristen E. Mack, Nursing - Associate Degree; Amanda E. Meyer, Practical Nursing; Audrie R. Mouzakis, Nursing - Associate Degree; Jeff Musilek, Electrical Engineering Technology; Jeff Musilek, Biomedical Engineering Technology; Royce J. Perez, Graphic Communications; Christopher C. Police, Automated Manufacturing Systems Technician; Jennifer M. Ryan, Business Management; Jamie L. Samonig, Nursing - Associate Degree; Denise L. Schwartz, Multimedia; Rebecca L. Weglarz, Graphic Communications

Matthew A. Sheldon, Radio Broadcasting-General

Honey Creek
Lori A. Krizan, Practical Nursing

Clint J. Zingsheim, Civil Engineering Technology – Survey

Kansas City, Mo.
Monika L. Witherspoon, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement

Shanna M. Kafura, Electronics; Shanna M. Kafura, Electrical Engineering Technology; Christopher K. LaPoint, Air Conditioning, Heating, & Refrigeration Technology; Kristene B. Vega, Nursing - Associate Degree

Kimberly M. Aguilar-Thomas, Human Services Associate; Michelle R. Alderdice, Nursing - Associate Degree; Daniel Alicea, IT-Network Specialist; Daniel Alicea, Network Security; Francie J. Allen, Barber/Cosmetologist; Benjamin P. Anderson, CNC Production Technician; Sarah B. Anderson, CNC Production Technician; Nicholas S. Andreoli, Fire Protection Technician; Karl A. Apanasewicz, Electronics; Karl A. Apanasewicz, Electrical Engineering Technology; Erika L. Arzate, Human Services Associate; William M. Augustine, Architectural - Structural Engineering Technician; Sharrendra C. Banks, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement; Matthew R. Barbour, IT-Programmer/Analyst; Heather M. Barton, Accounting; Candice A. Baxter, Barber/Cosmetologist; Jennifer R. Becker, Human Services Associate; Shawn P. Beckstrom, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement; Ryan E. Bella, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement; Hannah J. Bergmann, Dental Assistant; Erduan Besiri, IT-Network Specialist; Hanna M. Beutler, Practical Nursing; Vincenzo Bilotta, Industrial Mechanical Technician; Abbey S. Boero, Practical Nursing; Wendy K. Boggs, Horticulture-Nursery and Landscaping; Jill A. Bolyard, Marketing-Business to Business; Michelle A. Bonn, Practical Nursing; Lisa J. Braden, Practical Nursing; Kelly L. Braet, Nursing - Associate Degree; Joseph J. Braggs, Human Services Associate; Daniel R. Brandt, Bioscience Technician - Manufacturing Technician; Daniel R. Brandt, Bioscience Technician - Laboratory Technician; Shauna B. Braun, Civil Engineering Technology - Survey; Alexander W. Calder, Marketing-General; Debra L. Cancino, Administrative Professional; Oscar C. Carmona, Accounting; Juan A. Carrera, Automotive Technology; Brandon C. Carter, Practical Nursing; Jamie A. Castillo, Culinary Arts; Irene Causey, Office Assistant; Abdeslam Chahir, Automated Manufacturing Systems Technician; Alma P. Chenault, Practical Nursing; Megan A. Cody, Dental Assistant; Beth M. Cooks, Nursing - Associate Degree; Nicole A. Cooper, Physical Therapist Assistant; Benjamin J. Counterman, Graphic Communications; Kathryn M. Krueger, Practical Nursing; Danny Cutler, Practical Nursing; Conrad J. Dahl, Facilities Maintenance; Michael A. Derose, Graphic Communications; Katie M. Dill, Practical Nursing; Stefanie E. Dodge, Horticulture-Nursery and Landscaping; David K. Dopke, Accounting; Jessica L. Dorau, Medical Assistant; Jeremiah R. Duncan, Automotive Technology; Tonya L. Ebert, Health Unit Coordinator; Tiffany M. Edict, Human Services Associate; Maria Chinwe Enujiofor, Human Services Associate; Mary T. Epping, Nursing - Associate Degree; Jacquelina Escobedo, Administrative Professional; Benedict J. Estep, Practical Nursing; Wendy A. Frasheski, Health Unit Coordinator; Kristi L. Gardinier, Medical Assistant; Anna M. Garza, Health Unit Coordinator; Jessica M. Gaudio, Practical Nursing; Danielle L. Gennaccaro, Marketing-General; Danielle L. Gennaccaro, Marketing-Business to Business; Kimberly Gorsuch, Practical Nursing; Shelley A. Greer, Practical Nursing; Sarah G. Griffin, Accounting; Marilyn A. Gunderson, Office Assistant; Leray L. Haney, Air Conditioning, Heating, & Refrigeration Technology; Amy M. Hannaman, Nursing - Associate Degree; Geoffrey R. Harvey, Electrical Engineering Technology; Rami N. Hassan, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement; Lyndsey K. Hauck, Nursing - Associate Degree; Shauna L. Hendricks, Marketing-General; Alberto Hernandez, Civil Engineering Technology-Public Works; Kyle A. Herzog, Air Conditioning, Heating, & Refrigeration Technology; Daniel J. Holm, Marketing-General; Kathryn L. Holmes, Practical Nursing; Sally J. Houston, Practical Nursing; Wonda L. Huntley-Tennant, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement; Donald R. Hurlbut Jr., Culinary Arts; Florimerl A. Ilao, Practical Nursing; Tawana M. Johnson, Office Assistant; Travis T. Johnson, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement; Beverly A. Jones, Administrative Professional; Shelly M. Jones, Practical Nursing; Dustin R. Juga, Marketing-Business to Business; Dustin R. Juga, IT-Computer Support Specialist; Dustin R. Juga, Small Business Entrepreneurship; Nicole L. Julius, IT-Computer Support Specialist; Robbin M. Kailing, Nursing - Associate Degree; Dustin H. Kanas, Biomedical Engineering Technology; Marcia K. Kelley, Bioscience Technician - Laboratory Technician; Marcia K. Kelley, Individualized Technical Studies; Laura G. Kobayashi, Nursing - Associate Degree; Diana L. Koeppel, Business Management; Bonnie J. Konzel, Supervisory Management; David A. LaLuz, IT-Programmer/Analyst; Robert D. Landree, Fire Science; Katie L. Larson, Physical Therapist Assistant; Alicia L. Leber, Dental Assistant; James C. Leiting, Welding/Maintenance & Fabrication; James C. Leiting, Welding-Advanced Welding; Melissa A. Lenegar, Practical Nursing; Joshua M. Lichter, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement; Derrick M. Link, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement; Taneeka M. Lopez, Medical Assistant; Tamara J. Lyons, Practical Nursing; Amanda D. Madeja, Marketing-General; Gary G. Mandernack, Graphic Communications; Melissa A. Manjarrez, Early Childhood Education; Anne M. Martin, Administrative Professional; Karen M. Martin, IT-Programmer/Analyst; Maricarmen Martinez, Practical Nursing; Vlaicu V. Matei, Civil Engineering Technology-Architectural; Tara L. Mattice, Administrative Professional; Edna M. May, Bioscience Technician - Laboratory Technician; Krystal M. McDonald, Nursing - Associate Degree; Linda D. Medel, Business Management; Eric R. Merlin, Office Assistant; Keli A. Mielke, Marketing-General; Keli A. Mielke, Marketing-Business to Business; Stacey M. Migliano, Administrative Professional; Milica Milankovic, Administrative Professional; Tammie A. Millager, Office Assistant; Kristen E. Mills, Surgical Technology; Monroe Mitchell, III, Human Services Associate; Ryan J. Morin, CNC Production Technician; Traci M. Museitif, Barber/Cosmetologist; Ngoc T. Nguyen, Administrative Professional; Nicole E. Niemi, Practical Nursing; Andrew J. Nikolai, Electrical Engineering Technology; Guy A. Nimmo, Accounting; Melissa M. Norris, Graphic Communications; Olsa O. O'Quinn, Civil Engineering Technology-Public Works; Muritala A. Olagbemiro, Biomedical Engineering Technology; Tiara S. Ormond, Marketing-Business to Business; Aaron M. Paal, IT-Network Specialist; Tyrone W. Pagel, IT-Programmer/Analyst; Ben H. Panosian, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement; Valerie J. Pedranzan, Practical Nursing; Kathleen S. Peratt, Medical Assistant; Vincent L. Peretto, Civil Engineering Technology-Public Works; Vincent L. Peretto, Civil Engineering Technology - Survey; Kathleen A. Peters, Accounting; Maryjo Peterson, Practical Nursing; Benjamin I. Petts, Surgical Technology; Megan R. Pontillo, Horticulture-Greenhouse and Floral; Megan R. Pontillo, Horticulture-Nursery and Landscaping; Maria G. Prado, Nursing - Associate Degree; Amy L. Puidokas, Practical Nursing; Oksana Rab, Accounting; April A. Rasch, Practical Nursing; Kathryn A. Rasmussen, Civil Engineering Technology-Architectural; Amy N. Rendon, Dental Assistant; Stefanie A. Rhoades, Practical Nursing; Rebecca R. Rhodes, Business Management; Jeremy W. Richter, CNC Production Technician; Peter J. Ritacca, Practical Nursing; Jennifer R. Robers, Network Security; Tanya L. Rodriguez, Accounting; Veronica Rosales, Human Services Associate; Stephanie L. Ruskell, Nursing - Associate Degree; Tayebeh K. Sahebi, Accounting; Javier J. Salazar, Civil Engineering Technology-Public Works; Susan C. Samuels, Nursing - Associate Degree; Elizabeth Santizo, Practical Nursing; Vanessa J. Sauld, IT-Network Specialist; Kay L. Scales, Interpreter Technician; Ryan Scheve, Welding/Maintenance & Fabrication; Scott Schmidt, Bioscience Technician - Manufacturing Technician; Amber N. Schmitt, Practical Nursing; Kristina S. Schmitz, Practical Nursing; Kayla M. Schnuell, Horticulture-Greenhouse and Floral; Kayla M. Schnuell, Horticulture-Nursery and Landscaping; Sara L. Schroeder, Nursing - Associate Degree; Sara L. Schroeder, Practical Nursing; Victoria M. Sexton, Nursing - Associate Degree; Melody A. Short, Horticulture-Greenhouse and Floral; Melody A. Short, Horticulture-Nursery and Landscaping; Simona Slavinskiene, Nursing - Associate Degree; Julee E. Smith, Human Services Associate; Keyona M. Smith, Barber/Cosmetologist; Emanuel Soltero, Marketing-General; Emanuel Soltero, Marketing-Business to Business; Jean M. Sorensen, Nursing - Associate Degree; Cory R. Sorn, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement; Stephanie E. Specht, Accounting; Melynda K. Stafford, Welding/Maintenance & Fabrication; Gloria D. Stanaway, Interior Design; Felecia A. Stein, IT-Computer Support Specialist; Felecia A. Stein, Financial Planning; Nicole S. Streit, Medical Assistant; Mark A. Studrawa, Electrical Engineering Technology; Barbara J. Suchy, Horticulture-Greenhouse and Floral; Barbara J. Suchy, Horticulture-Nursery and Landscaping; Benjamin G. Tague, Nursing - Associate Degree; Matthew J. Tallman, Accounting; Cheyane S. Tappa, Surgical Technology; Katelyn M. Tranberg, Barber/Cosmetologist; Maria Tsyganyuk, Oracle; Tunisia Tucker, Office Assistant; Susan A. Uphill, Practical Nursing; Kelly M. Usinger, Nursing - Associate Degree; Noemi Valentin, Nursing - Associate Degree; Mark P. Van Strien, Business Management; Jennifer E. Vasquez, Nursing - Associate Degree; Selena L. Vaughn, Administrative Professional; Selena L. Vaughn, Supervisory Management; Jenna K. Verbruggen, Accounting; Cesar N. Villaruel, Automotive Maintenance Technician; Jennifer D. Wagner, Practical Nursing; Mandy K. Walentowski, Nursing - Associate Degree; Pamela A. Wallace, Human Services Associate; Hortensia T. Walter, Practical Nursing; Dana P. Wekesa, Nursing - Associate Degree; Emily M. Widmar, Practical Nursing; Kari A. Williams, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement; Christina L. Wintermote, Nursing - Associate Degree; Jennifer L. Withrow, Dental Assistant; Heather M. Wooton, Human Services Associate; Deanna M. Yankunas, Practical Nursing; David P. Zapencki, Nursing - Associate Degree; Maria R. Zapp, Nursing - Associate Degree; Tracey S. Zautcke, Surgical Technology; Gwendolyn D. Zimmer, Accounting; Teresa M. diMauro, Surgical Technology

Jessica A. Langhout, Dental Assistant

Lake Geneva
Maureen C. Marks, Practical Nursing; Andrew D. Babcock, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement; Tamara L. Evans, Nursing - Associate Degree; Reba Fischer, Human Services Associate; Julie M. Freitag, Nursing - Associate Degree; Cynthia L. Gasparino, Nursing - Associate Degree; Amber N. Geye, Technical Communications; Dawn P. Hanna, Nursing - Associate Degree; Laurie A. Mediate, Practical Nursing; Amy C. Nocek, Interior Design; Michael J. ; Practical Nursing; Jennifer E. Romani, Office Assistant; Jamie L. Rooney, Practical Nursing; Mark T. Rosenow, Marketing-General; Mark T. Rosenow, Marketing-Business to Business; Stefanie L. Smith, Administrative Professional; Michelle M. Steadman, Human Services Associate

Darci A. Hanni, Radio Broadcasting

John M. Camden, Technical Studies-Journeyworker; Matthew W. Krok, Civil Engineering Technology Highway Technology; Matthew W. Krok, Land Survey Technician; Jessica L. Smith, Nursing - Associate Degree

Ashley A. Kaul, Dental Assistant

Penci S. Ferguson, Nursing - Associate Degree

New Berlin
Jenna M. Maxwell, Surgical Technology

North Prairie
Nichole K. Eddy, , Nursing - Associate Degree

Oak Creek
Mary J. Szumiel, IT - Web Developer/Administrator

Sarah E. Tissen, Horticulture-Greenhouse and Floral

Katie J. Sambs, Practical Nursing; Jessica A. Smith, Nursing - Associate Degree

Pell Lake
Lisa A. Ebersole, Practical Nursing; Marlo M. Fejedelem, Medical Transcription; Jeffrey L. Hagmeier, Supervisory Management; Peter A. Metke, Radio Broadcasting; Danielle J. Regan, Accounting; Casey A. Zurek, Practical Nursing

Joel A. Robinson, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement

Pleasant Prairie
Dawn M. Archambeault, Medical Assistant; Linda S. Bertog, Practical Nursing; Kevin J. Ciskowski, Marketing-General; Anthony M. Di Domenico, Accounting; Anthony M. Di Domenico, Financial Planning; Joanne R. Figueroa, Accounting; Shaun C. Gapinski, Electronics; Shaun C. Gapinski, Electrical Engineering Technology; Shaun C. Gapinski, Biomedical Engineering Technology; Patricia J. Hughes, Office Assistant; Karrie A. Krehbiel, Practical Nursing; Kris E. LeMay, Barber/Cosmetologist; Teresa M. Lucas, Practical Nursing; Sharon L. Lunetta, Administrative Professional; Amy L. McCarthy, Technical Communications; Sara D. Merkes, Nursing - Associate Degree; Milton Nava, Electronics; Marta M. Norkus, Accounting; Rachelle L. Pryse, Nursing - Associate Degree; Jaclyn D. Schani, Nursing - Associate Degree; Christopher M. Schmitz, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement; Brandon J. Sewell, IT-Network Specialist; Taryn A. Smoronk, Practical Nursing; Megan A. Stone, Medical Assistant; Mary C. Torres, Medical Assistant; Carey B. Wagner, Nursing - Associate Degree; Amber N. Watkins, Practical Nursing; Lisa M. Wilcox, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement

Powers Lake
Shannon T. Abell, Human Services Associate

Heather N. Allen, Supervisory Management; Felix E. Alvarez, Graphic Communications; Michael R. Andersen, Marketing-General; Debra L. Anton, Practical Nursing; Lucia Aranda, Health Unit Coordinator; Julieta C. Asani, Practical Nursing; Kristina M. Aulozzi, Dental Assistant; Ryclanah B. Babuk, Practical Nursing; Eric D. Backmann, IT-Network Specialist; Andreana P. Bakardzhieva, Practical Nursing; Tiffany P. Baker, Nursing - Associate Degree; Magdalena Barajas, Barber/Cosmetologist; Julius R. Barker, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement; Zhanna V. Baughman, Practical Nursing; Steven W. Beal, Technical Studies-Journeyworker; Samantha M. Binkowski, Nursing - Associate Degree; Andrew R. Blaski, Graphic Communications; Aaron B. Block, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement; Steven J. Boeck, Electronics; Julie M. Boles, Practical Nursing; Jennifer L. Borke, Human Services Associate; Michael M. Borkowski, Practical Nursing; Deanna L. Mattek- Graffe, Practical Nursing; Allison L. Brown, Accounting; Crystal F. Burns, Human Services Associate; Jennifer M. Burns, Practical Nursing; Tiffany E. Burrell, Barber/Cosmetologist; Titania C. Cabell, Nursing - Associate Degree; Deja S. Cade, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement; James A. Cairns, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement; Sherie M. Canady, Practical Nursing; Katie L. Castaneda, Medical Assistant; Kathleen M. Cecchini, Nursing - Associate Degree; Dustin P. Chacon, Fire Protection Technician; Marissa L. Champion, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement; Kristin L. Chiaravalloti, Administrative Professional; Carmen P. Church, Practical Nursing; Lindsey R. Clazmer, Civil Engineering Technology-Architectural; Karlene C. Cottonaro, Human Services Associate; Adam N. Craanen, Graphic Communications; Stacey L. Dahms, Practical Nursing; Michelle L. Davalos, Nursing - Associate Degree; John L. Davis, Human Services Associate; Tiffany B. Davis, Early Childhood Education; Eloisa De la Cruz, Health Unit Coordinator; Timothy J. DeBonis, Supervisory Management; Nancy L. DeHart, Accounting; Tammy R. DeLaGarza, Nursing - Associate Degree; Heather J. DeRosier, Practical Nursing; Margaret E. Douglas, CNC Production Technician; Sara D. Duff, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement; Brian P. Duffy, IT-Network Specialist; Justin S. Dunkerson, Electronics; Justin S. Dunkerson, Biomedical Engineering Technology; Justin S. Dunkerson, Electrical Engineering Technology; Karen J. Eastman, Nursing - Associate Degree; Griffin J. Eckert, IT-Computer Support Specialist; Daryle N. Emick, Welding/Maintenance & Fabrication; Daryle N. Emick, Welding-Advanced Welding; Shannon L. Enz, Practical Nursing; Bryan J. Erickson, Accounting; Susan M. Ervin, Nursing - Associate Degree; Cornelius T. Evans, Barber/Cosmetologist; Latoya S. Evans, Barber/Cosmetologist; Tiara R. Fitch, Barber/Cosmetologist; Pamela R. Flannery, Nursing - Associate Degree; Katherine R. Fliess, Barber/Cosmetologist; Marlene Flores, Health Unit Coordinator; Sondra J. Fuerstenau, Practical Nursing; Shirley A. Gandy, Practical Nursing; Jessica M. Garcia, IT-Computer Support Specialist; Marco A. Garcia, Human Services Associate; Olga L. Garcia, Practical Nursing; Ruby F. Garcia, Health Unit Coordinator; Ruby F. Garcia, Office Assistant; Melisa A. Gister, Barber/Cosmetologist; Wendy J. Gleason, Medical Assistant; Jodie K. Glore, Marketing-General; Jodie K. Glore, Marketing-Business to Business; Anjelica M. Gobis, Administrative Professional; Albaro A. Gomez, IT-Programmer/Analyst; Angela M. Gonzales, Human Services Associate; Marjorie Gouge, Medical Assistant; Kelly M. Graham, Accounting; Kelly M. Graham, Financial Planning; LaRhonda R. Green, Health Unit Coordinator; Heather N. Grohs, Nursing - Associate Degree; Ezequiel Gutierrez, Civil Engineering Technology-Architectural; Martha G. Guzman, Accounting; Darci L. Habighorst, Health Unit Coordinator; Karen M. Hannon, Human Services Associate; Edwin L. Harbin, CNC Production Technician; Calvin A. Harris, Network Security; Stephen J. Harris, Human Services Associate; Jeremy E. Hartig, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement; Brian J. Hartman, Oracle; Shonda J. Hayes, Nursing - Associate Degree; Debra J. Heck, Welding/Maintenance & Fabrication; Debra J. Heck, Welding-Advanced Welding; Matthew D. Heimes, Automotive Technology; Janet L. Heinzelmann, Human Services Associate; Sarah D. Helding, Nursing - Associate Degree; Stephanie Helm, Administrative Professional; Courtney M. Henkel, Health Unit Coordinator; Curtis L. Henning, Facilities Maintenance; Cory J. Henningfeld, Practical Nursing; Gabriel F. Hermes, Administrative Professional; Nanci S. Hernandez, Dental Assistant; Dana A. Herzog, Practical Nursing; Bruce J. Hess, II, Electrical Engineering Technology; Charnetta M. Hickman, Barber/Cosmetologist; Kelsey L. Hills, Practical Nursing; Kayla C. Hintz, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement; Robert J. Hintz, Mechanical Design Technology - Mechatronics; Elise M. Hoaglund, Early Childhood Education; Gwen M. Hodges, Nursing - Associate Degree; Ersun Hopi, Air Conditioning, Heating, & Refrigeration Technology; Patti J. Hoppus, Accounting; Izette M. Horne, Practical Nursing; Donna M. Hort, Office Assistant; Susan L. Hort, Human Services Associate; Tavaris M. House, Health Unit Coordinator; Yvonne S. Howell, Administrative Professional; Molly C. Hultman, Nursing - Associate Degree; Karen L. Iruegas, Nursing - Associate Degree; Sheventra L. Jackson, Practical Nursing; Justin M. Jallah, Electrical Engineering Technology; Katrina A. Jander, Business Management; Mary D. Jenkins, Early Childhood Education; Shari A. Johnson, Welding/Maintenance & Fabrication; Felicia M. Jones, Health Unit Coordinator; Samona A. Jones, Health Unit Coordinator; Laura A. Juliano, Graphic Communications; Kathryn D. Jurkiewicz, Human Services Associate; Sarabjeet K. Jutley, Practical Nursing; Lauren M. Kapellusch, Office Assistant; Sharilyn J. Kapellusch, Practical Nursing; Edward F. Kerscher, Graphic Communications; Susan L. Kinsley, Health Unit Coordinator; Crystal L. Klein, Human Services Associate; Kevin M. Klus, IT-Network Specialist; Sadie A. Kohel, Accounting; Amy E. Kovara, Health Unit Coordinator; Therese M. Kratowicz, Practical Nursing; Robert L. Krencisz, III, Industrial Mechanical Technician; Alysha M. Krueger, Nursing - Associate Degree; Stephanie L. Kumm, Health Unit Coordinator; Ashley N. Kutzner, Practical Nursing; Brian F. Lannoye, IT-Programmer/Analyst; Ryan A. Lapetina, Supervisory Management; Stephanie R. Lawson, Practical Nursing; Selena B. Lee, Early Childhood Education; Anthony J. Leissner, Civil Engineering Technology Highway Technology; Anthony J. Leissner, Land Survey Technician; Jennifer L. Lessen, Supervisory Management; Neil I. Lippert, Electrical Engineering Technology; Holly B. Lisser, Practical Nursing; Monica L. Long, Practical Nursing; Tenisha D. Long, Network Security; Samuel Lopez, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement; Yvonne M. Louison, Marketing-Business to Business; Charlotte M. Lovdahl, Health Unit Coordinator; Jessica K. Lui, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement; Nicholas Malacara, Welding/Maintenance & Fabrication; Nancy M. Maldonado, Health Unit Coordinator; Callie R. Maloy, Human Services Associate; Richard G. Mannion, IT-Computer Support Specialist; Terrell Marchetti, Horticulture-Greenhouse and Floral; Amy K. Marema, Interior Design; Drinka Marinkovic, Nursing - Associate Degree; Morningstar Marquez, Human Services Associate; David A. Marshall, Marketing-General; Ruben Martinez, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement; Annette M. Matera, Practical Nursing; Elizabeth A. Mau, Human Services Associate; Tasia A. McCullough, Practical Nursing; Lynn M. McDormand, Human Services Associate; Michael A. Menarek, Industrial Mechanical Technician; Amber M. Mercier, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement; Jessica M. Merwin, Supervisory Management; Rachel L. Michna, Human Services Associate; Kristin S. Miller, Human Services Associate; Jason K. Mirkovich, Marketing-General; Eric J. Mohr, IT-Computer Support Specialist; Nicole K. Monaghan, Barber/Cosmetologist; Audie J. Moore, Barber/Cosmetologist; Christopher M. Moore, Mechanical Design Technology - Mech Engineering Tech; Nicole M. Morrison, Practical Nursing; Jeanea L. Morse, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement; Allison L. Mote, Early Childhood Education; Lora N. Mudge, Surgical Technology; Gladys C. Murphy, Dental Assistant; John S. Nettles, Supervisory Management; Sarah J. Nielsen, Administrative Professional; Jennifer S. Northington, Marketing-Business to Business; Stephen P. O'Dell, Practical Nursing; Crystal A. Olmstead, Business Management; Brenda D. Peebles, Interior Design; Scott H. Petersen, Air Conditioning, Heating, & Refrigeration Technology; Amanda G. Pfender, Graphic Communications; Linda T. Pham, Accounting; Linda T. Pham, Financial Planning; Michelle D. Pore, Marketing-General; Lori A. Pottinger, Electronics; Lori A. Pottinger, Electrical Engineering Technology; Patricia M. Poulsen, Practical Nursing; Justin T. Powell, Automotive Technology; Mary J. Powell, Human Services Associate; Kyle T. Price, Electrical Engineering Technology; Arron C. Propsom, IT-Network Specialist; Rachel M. Endresen, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement; Robert E. Ramczyk, Human Services Associate; Maribel Ramos, Practical Nursing; Jamie Raschke, Industrial Mechanical Technician; Heidi L. Reeves, Practical Nursing; Michael W. Reid-Woods, Jr, CNC Production Technician; Emily M. Reisman, Practical Nursing; Francesca A. Reitzenstein, IT-Network Specialist; Amy S. Richardson, Physical Therapist Assistant; Glennys M. Richter, Nursing - Associate Degree; Daniel J. Robakowski, Paramedic Technician; Carly M. Robbins, Practical Nursing; Joan Robertson, Practical Nursing; Latasha R. Robinson, Practical Nursing; Margarito Rodriguez, Civil Engineering Technology-Architectural; Michelle L. Rogers, Practical Nursing; Cathy M. Rognsvoog, Nursing - Associate Degree; Yazmin J. Romero, Medical Assistant; Brian R. Roscizewski, IT-Network Specialist; Bettie G. Roscoe, Business Management; Tia A. Rosenbaum, Network Security; Jennifer M. Ross, Nursing - Associate Degree; Amy M. Rother, Practical Nursing; Jennifer L. Rowlands, Nursing - Associate Degree; Angelica Ruelas, Health Unit Coordinator; Elizabeth A. Salazar, Practical Nursing; Ruby H. Sanchez, Medical Assistant; Laura M. Schenkenberg, Office Assistant; James C. Seeger, IT-Network Specialist; April L. Sell, Hotel/Hospitality Management; Jeremiah J. Settersten, Welding/Maintenance & Fabrication; Yolanda Sibley, Practical Nursing; Juliette S. Singh, Practical Nursing; Julie L. Sittig, Medical Assistant; Stephanie A. Smerchek, Health Unit Coordinator; Dariel M. Smith, Business Management; Johnny R. Smith, Electronics; Meggan M. Solfest, Practical Nursing; Shannon A. Sondergaard, Practical Nursing; Angela R. Spalding, Nursing - Associate Degree; Jessica L. Sparks, Administrative Professional; Andrew J. Spaulding, Electrical Engineering Technology; Cornetta A. Stacy, Human Services Associate; Danielle R. Stafford, Barber/Cosmetologist; Heather A. Stanosevic, Dental Assistant; Kristen C. Staples, Nursing - Associate Degree; Shawna J. Stephens, Graphic Communications; Thomas C. Sterk, Business Management; Dale W. Summerford, CNC Production Technician; Emily M. Svendsen, Physical Therapist Assistant; Maggie L. Swoopes, Office Assistant; Patricia A. Syring, Bioscience Technician - Laboratory Technician; Brianne A. Terrell, Practical Nursing; Sonjii R. Tolliver, Early Childhood Education; Tracy R. Torres, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement; Jennifer L. Townsend, Medical Assistant; Alejandra N. Trejo, Office Assistant; Jack S. Trentadue, Automotive Maintenance Technician; Adam W. Tuinstra, Human Services Associate; Matthew T. Tuttle, Electrical Engineering Technology; Matthew T. Tuttle, Biomedical Engineering Technology; Amy M. Tyykila, Accounting; Amy M. Tyykila, Financial Planning; Michael J. Udell, Culinary Arts; Erin L. Urban, Barber/Cosmetologist; Nathan T. Vego, Electronics; Nathan T. Vego, Electrical Engineering Technology; Marco A. Verdiguel, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement; Ryan S. Vlach, IT-Network Specialist; Ryan S. Vlach, IT-Computer Support Specialist; Michael A. Wagner, Horticulture-Nursery and Landscaping; Mary K. Weaver, Administrative Professional; Scott E. Weaver, Civil Engineering Technology-Public Works; Claire A. Weiss, Practical Nursing; Kristine M. Wilkinson, Civil Engineering Technology-Public Works; Kristine M. Wilkinson, Civil Engineering Technology - Survey; Thalia L. Williams, Medical Assistant; George Wilson IV, Barber/Cosmetologist; Walter J. Wilson, CNC Production Technician; Danielle E. Woodward, Practical Nursing; Tasha R. Wright, Practical Nursing; Jamie M. Young, Nursing - Associate Degree; Tamara F. Young, Nursing - Associate Degree; Helen Zertuche, Office Assistant; Mary R. Zlevor, Practical Nursing

Brianne D. Azarian, Practical Nursing

Round Rock
Dawn M. Escalera, Accounting

South Milwaukee
Joseph H. Schmidt, Graphic Communications

Jace O. Anderson, IT-Network Specialist; Jade E. Grumbeck, Business Management; Katie A. Hanson, Administrative Professional; Terri L. McGovern, Surgical Technology; Tanya L. Miga, Accounting; Lukas W. Myers, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement; Heather J. Parys, Practical Nursing; John T. Rice, CNC Production Technician; Kerry A. Talbert, Practical Nursing; Anne F. Washack, Administrative Professional.

Inga G. Frodl, Nursing - Associate Degree; Rebecca J. Shaffer, Practical Nursing; Sheila J. Turpel, Human Services Associate

Silver Lake
Kate A. Buffa, Graphic Communications: Laura J. Dipper, Interior Design; Jessica A. Ernst Nursing - Associate Degree; Susan A. Kolano, Accounting; Susan A. Kolano, Financial Planning; Steven W. Nelson, Practical Nursing; Michelle L. Tanski, Nursing - Associate Degree; Cherie L. Zarletti, Practical Nursing

Amber G. Estes, Marketing-Business to Business; Amber G. Estes, Small Business Entrepreneurship; Kimberly A. Krzecki, Human Services Associate

Paula M. Antony, Practical Nursing; Joshua A. Casey, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement; Justin R. Celeste, Industrial Mechanical Technician; Leticia Cervantes, Practical Nursing; Kimberly A. Cochran, Accounting; Kimberly A. Cochran, Financial Planning; Bethany J. Cousins, Graphic Communications; Kimberly A. Meitner, Early Childhood Education; Teena M. Rogers, Practical Nursing; Rachael E. Schmidt, Business Management; Manvinder V. Singh, Biomedical Engineering Technology; Manvinder V. Singh, Electrical Engineering Technology; Brenda M. Whitt, Practical Nursing; Katherine L. Wrzesinske, Practical Nursing

Roy T. Miller, Welding/Maintenance & Fabrication; Sharron L. O'Quinn, Medical Assistant; Tana L. Porter, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement; Jennifer S. Powell, Human Services Associate; Isamar Rohloff, Nursing - Associate Degree; Emily F. Unger, Practical Nursing; Stacey M. Webber, Accounting; Joshua P. Winder, Automated Manufacturing Systems Technician; Tera A. Woods, Nursing - Associate Degree

Twin Lakes
Jennifer A. Ansburg, Accounting; Jennifer A. Ansburg, Financial Planning; Renee D. Beula, Practical Nursing; Nicholas S. Johnson, Automotive Technology; Alisa M. Kaskin, Practical Nursing; Patrick K. Martin, Practical Nursing; Bonnie M. Schaeffer, Civil Engineering Technology - Survey; Annette Torgerson, Practical Nursing; Kelly S. Wilburn, Nursing - Associate Degree

Union Grove
Jeffrey D. Beitzel, Horticulture-Greenhouse and Floral; Joseph D. Bergles, IT-Programmer/Analyst; Sarah B. Christman, Medical Assistant; Jennifer L. Crisp, Nursing - Associate Degree; Kelli R. Dummer, Marketing-General; Kristina M. Fitzgerald, Practical Nursing; Tracy L. Fliess, Supervisory Management; Abbey K. Ford, Practical Nursing; Valerie N. Geniesse, Nursing - Associate Degree; Rose E. Green, Accounting; Mary K. Halbur, Medical Assistant; Thomas J. Hippert, Culinary Arts; Aimie N. Holbrook, Horticulture-Greenhouse and Floral; Aimie N. Holbrook, Horticulture-Nursery and Landscaping; Jean M. Keeku, Nursing - Associate Degree; Kimberly M. Reed, Practical Nursing; Douglas J. Roder, Facilities Maintenance; Joshua P. Verwey, Industrial Mechanical Technician; Shirley J. Williams, Health Unit Coordinator

Jane E. Lewis, Practical Nursing; Julie A. Lohse, Nursing - Associate Degree

Amanda J. Brosnan, Practical Nursing; Kevin A. Bushey, Paramedic Technician; Kelly M. Crawford, Nursing - Associate Degree; Jody M. Dahl, Nursing - Associate Degree; Elizabeth G. Fraid, Mechanical Design Technology - Mech Engineering Tech; Elizabeth G. Fraid, Mechanical Design Technology - Mechatronics; Keitra M. Gellings, Mechanical Design Technology - Mech Engineering Tech; Stephanie A. Henry, Medical Assistant; Cynthia L. Kling, IT - Web Developer/Administrator; Wade R. Kollmann, Electronics; Wade R. Kollmann, Electrical Engineering Technology; Jonathan E. Northup, Welding/Maintenance & Fabrication; Jonathan E. Northup, Welding-Advanced Welding; Barbara A. Oberhart, Nursing - Associate Degree; Christina L. Owens, Accounting; Martin P. Plohocky, Electrical Engineering Technology; Brenda M. Putze, Administrative Professional; Alicia M. Quinn, Practical Nursing; Brittany B. Reindl, Supervisory Management; Devonne M. Schaefer, Nursing - Associate Degree; Brooke L. Schweitzer, Barber/Cosmetologist; Christy M. Strerath, Nursing - Associate Degree; Jennifer J. Verburgt, Practical Nursing; Linda L. Viol, Human Services Associate; Lisa M. Williams, Practical Nursing

Waukegan, Ill.
Arnold V. Ignacio, Nursing - Associate Degree

Joel W. Wakefield, Electronics

Meredith A. Hinck, Interpreter Technician

Eric J. Walker, Mechanical Design Technology - Mech Engineering Tech

Amanda L. Forrest, Graphic Communications; Cindy S. Hafferkamp, Practical Nursing; Evan M. Kanack, Welding/Maintenance & Fabrication; Teresa M. Salveggio, Practical Nursing; James G. Tierney, Administrative Professional

Williams Bay
Mark O. Huttner, Marketing-General; Susan M. Johnson, Nursing - Associate Degree; Jenna C. Olson, Practical Nursing; Tammy L. Ridgman, Nursing - Associate Degree; Angelica C. Stanislawski, Accounting; Susan D. Taschek, Accounting

Zion, Ill.
Rodrigues Q. Reed, IT-Programmer/Analyst; Rodrigues Q. Reed, Game Programming

Gateway hosting national Snap-On training event

Instructors from around the country will travel to Gateway Technical College as part of a national train-the-trainer event hosted at the college’s Horizon Center for Transportation Technology in Kenosha.

Event instructors will deliver the nationally recognized Snap-on Incorporated train-the-trainer curriculum, which will provide attendees with training in the latest automotive diagnostic platforms, torque technology methods as well as cutting-edge training in the new diesel technology curriculum.

Instructors who attend the training sessions will be equipped with the skills, knowledge and course materials to train students and automotive professionals in their local communities. Through integration of industry-driven certification programs into their curriculum, colleges across the country will be providing standardized world-class training to advance the skills of technicians nationally.

The event is sponsored by the NC3-National Coalition of Certification Centers.

This is the first time NC3 has hosted the train-the-trainer event. NC3 is a national coalition of business and educational partners with a goal of responding to current and future economic needs through strong education-industry partnerships that will produce industry-driven and industry-sustainable portable
certifications in transportation, aviation and energy.

The coalition has received national attention as a model initiative in response to the current economic landscape. Snap-on Incorporated and Gateway Technical College are founding members of NC3, which was
conceptualized based on the strong relationship between and the successful implementation of a state-of-the-art certification center. Gateway, a leadership partner in the coalition, houses an NC3 office and development lab at the Horizon Center.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Unified lures California-based educator, writer to head Gifford Elementary

An internationally recognized motivational speaker based in California has agreed to become Gifford Elementary School's new principal.

Jeff Eben (right) will replace Steve Russo as principal at Gifford. Russo is Unified's Interim Area 1 Superintendent. 

Eben is something of a coup for Unified. An award-winning educator, author and speaker, Eben brings impressive credentials to the job (see his motivational talk here). From his website:
Paralyzed at the age of sixteen in a water-skiing accident, he built his life and career from a wheelchair. Jeff Eben’s twenty-five years in education include coaching football and basketball, teaching, and ten years as a principal, culminating in the creation of a National Blue Ribbon high school in the acclaimed Clovis Unified School District.
His story of hope and leadership philosophy of “Feel the Love” has moved audiences and inspired organizations all over the world, including Oxford University in England. In 1998, Jeff was named Fresno County’s Administrator of the Year, and in 2006 was inducted into the Clovis Hall of Fame for Lifetime Achievement in Education. In 2007, he was honored with Fresno State University’s noted Alumni Award for the Kremen School of Education.
Jeff was appointed Deputy Mayor of Fresno in 2007 and currently serves as the CEO of Fresno’s Convention and Visitors Bureau. He is the proud father of two grown children and resides in the Fresno area.
Eben resigned from Fresno's Convention and Visitor's Bureau Thursday, effective July 16. Here's Unified's press release about Eben:
Jeff Eben is New Gifford Elementary Principal
Eben has 21 years of experience in education and is internationally recognized speaker
On Aug. 2, Gifford Elementary School will welcome new Principal Jeff Eben. Eben will replace Steve Russo who has been Gifford Principal for seven years and will now serve as the Racine Unified School District’s Interim Area 1 Superintendent.
Eben plans to relocate from Fresno, Calif., where he has been an educator for 21 years and most recently spent two years as Deputy Mayor and two years as CEO of the Fresno Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.
Eben is eager to return to education as a principal at RUSD.
“I am convinced that the school principalship is the best leadership opportunity in any community,” said Eben. “And feel privileged for the opportunity to join the Racine Unified family.”
In Fresno, Eben served as elementary principal for three years and high school principal for seven years in the Clovis Unified School District. He also spent 11 years in the district as teacher, learning director and deputy principal. In 2006, Eben was inducted into the Clovis Hall of Fame for Lifetime Achievement in Education and in 2007, he was honored with Fresno State University’s noted Alumni Award for the Kremen School of Education.
“We are extremely fortunate to have Jeff Eben join our District,” said RUSD Superintendent Dr. Jim Shaw. “His history of leadership success in increasing academic performance growth of students is impressive and I’m confident he’ll be a valuable addition to the Gifford Elementary leadership team.”
In addition to his experience as an educator, Eben has developed a model of school reform called “Feel the Love.” He is an internationally known speaker and lecturer on building culture and has authored three books.  

Eben also appears to have a sense of humor. Check out this video he made while running for Mayor of Fresno: 

Thursday, July 1, 2010

First Lady Jessica Doyle to visit Gilmore Middle School July 7

First Lady Jessica Doyle will visit a summer school classroom in the Racine Unified School District on July 7. 

Doyle will spend time at Gilmore Middle School with soon-to-be high school freshmen who are part of the District’s summer school program called North Star Academy. Doyle will visit a class to discuss with students the importance of reading throughout the summer to prevent the “summer slide.” She will also bring books to donate, discuss some of the selections and allow students the opportunity to ask questions.   

Doyle is a strong advocate for literacy. She has a book club called Read On Wisconsin! for teachers, parents and students across the state. During her visit to with the students at Gilmore Middle School, Mrs. Doyle will also inform students about the Wisconsin Covenant and encourage them to begin planning for higher education from the start of high school.