Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gateway hosting national Snap-On training event

Instructors from around the country will travel to Gateway Technical College as part of a national train-the-trainer event hosted at the college’s Horizon Center for Transportation Technology in Kenosha.

Event instructors will deliver the nationally recognized Snap-on Incorporated train-the-trainer curriculum, which will provide attendees with training in the latest automotive diagnostic platforms, torque technology methods as well as cutting-edge training in the new diesel technology curriculum.

Instructors who attend the training sessions will be equipped with the skills, knowledge and course materials to train students and automotive professionals in their local communities. Through integration of industry-driven certification programs into their curriculum, colleges across the country will be providing standardized world-class training to advance the skills of technicians nationally.

The event is sponsored by the NC3-National Coalition of Certification Centers.

This is the first time NC3 has hosted the train-the-trainer event. NC3 is a national coalition of business and educational partners with a goal of responding to current and future economic needs through strong education-industry partnerships that will produce industry-driven and industry-sustainable portable
certifications in transportation, aviation and energy.

The coalition has received national attention as a model initiative in response to the current economic landscape. Snap-on Incorporated and Gateway Technical College are founding members of NC3, which was
conceptualized based on the strong relationship between and the successful implementation of a state-of-the-art certification center. Gateway, a leadership partner in the coalition, houses an NC3 office and development lab at the Horizon Center.

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